Day 1 / Getting Involved

Before I left I asked Miss D if we could take out the items in her purse and find the “bricks” at the bottom. She laughed. I could see she was carrying all of her financial items, cash, checks and change in a purse with a broken zipper. I found 3 heavy canvas bags of change in the bottom. I told her we should remove 2 of the bags and leave the smaller change purse. She hid the coin bags in a dresser drawer in her bedroom worried her family would come and take them. It was hard to go, Miss D was crying and didn’t want me to leave. Earlier she told me she wished she could end her life, she was so unhappy. Miss D is a religious person and I trusted that was not an option for her. I hugged her and made sure she locked her door behind me before I returned to my apartment upstairs.

That was the day I became Miss D’s memory.


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