Day 7 / The First Step

I called the local council office and asked how to get help for Miss D in her home. After answering a few questions, the staff member determined Miss D was not in immediate danger and I was told to make a referral to Adult Protective Services. The council office gave me the website address and I wrote the referral that night.

Some questions I had to click “unknown”. I had no idea about her financial state. I assumed rent and utilities were paid. Although, our building manager told me that day she had tried to call Miss D’s son 3 times and he would not return her calls. She indicated she could not discuss why she was trying to reach Miss D’s son. I did fill out the referral section about neglect. I believed Miss D’s son was neglecting his mother and I had no idea if her granddaughter was in contact with her. I added the family phone numbers to the APS referral along with mine.

Now Miss D waits for help. I thought it was that simple.


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