Day 10 / Forgery Found

APS assigned a caseworker to Miss D. Issues around Miss D’s rent was surfacing, she was in rent arrears and she hadn’t filled out a SCREI form in 4 years to freeze her rent as a senior citizen. The council office was in daily contact with me to help resolve these issues and asked me to aid Miss D in finding the documents needed in her apartment.

I could see living alone with dementia was taking a toll on Miss D – papers were everywhere, in drawers and bags in strange places. I found the silverware missing from the kitchen hidden all over her bedroom. Days before she told me her children had stolen the items. My concern was growing. She didn’t understand what I was doing and I needed to keep reassuring her the council office asked me to find the documents to lower her rent.

I finally found Miss D’s mail key. She hadn’t opened her mailbox in over a month. Inside was the rent demand notice from the landlord and a utility turn-off notice. I called the utility company that night and they extended a cut-off date for a week. Miss D was carrying so much cash in her purse I asked her to give me $300 from her purse and I’d pay the bill up at the payment center.

I found the forgery documents from Miss D’s bank. She or the bank discovered the son was writing checks to himself from her account and her bank account was changed. The son was also writing her rent and utility checks and that ceased when the bank opened up a new account for Miss D. No bills had been paid this year.

The bank only looked back 3 months, the stealing started long before.


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