Banks Reporting Elder Abuse

Why didn’t Miss D’s bank do more when the forgery was discovered?

I’m only speculating, but it looks to me, the bank changed her account and sent her on her merry way. If you sit down with Miss D for a half hour or less, her dementia is exposed. They must have spent time with her to change her account and give her copies of the forgery papers.

Why did the bank only go back 3 months in documenting the forgery?

Clearly looking at her bank statements, the stealing went back more than 2 years by her son. Miss D was on her own for over 4 months after the bank documented the forgery until the landlord filed the Eviction Petition and I got involved. The bank could have been a First Responder and alerted Adult Protective Services.

Will Forensic Centers and Financial Abuse Specialists Teams (FASTs)  help banks catch financial exploitation at an early stage?


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