Day 28 / Miss D Wants to Go Home

Miss D’s first week in the hospital was full of drama. I am not family and the hospital was not too interested in talking to me. They wanted the family involved. I assumed the granddaughter would be taking over and gave her documents she may need for Power of Attorney and a set of Miss D’s apartment keys.

I went to see Miss D the day the son surfaced. He called and threatened to take her out of the hospital. The social worker started asking me questions about the family. I told her I saw neglect from Miss D’s family and I only trusted the granddaughter. That evening the calls started from the son and his wife on my cell.

I was told the son was coming for a visit in the evening and will be escorted by security the entire time. My husband and I arrived at the hospital earlier to meet with the chief social worker at the hospital.  She was very reassuring and I relaxed knowing with her, the local council office, APS and possibly the granddaughter, Miss D’s care going forward may be what’s best for her. A meeting was scheduled with the 3 groups tomorrow at the hospital. The chief social worker said the goal is to get Miss D back home with help and the “right” guardianship. That, of course, was always what I wanted for Miss D.

Miss D was not good today. She wants to go home and is more paranoid of everyone keeping her there. She has an aide with her 24 hours a day to protect her, making sure she doesn’t walk out. It was difficult to see Miss D in such distress.

That night at 10PM there was a loud knock on my apartment door.


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