Day 30 / Harassment

I did not answer my door, but the building manager in the basement did. She called me the next day and told me she spoke with the son and his wife. They wanted keys to Miss D’s apartment. The building manager informed them she never had keys and only helped Miss D when she had trouble with her keys, indicating it was many times. They asked if the granddaughter had been around and had keys. The building manager wanted to ask them where have they been, why are they here now. She’s never seen them in the building visiting Miss D in over the ten years she’s lived here.

My husband and I decided to make a police report at our precinct. I told the policewoman I was not threatened, she noted the report as aggravated harassment and gave me a complaint number. I’m not one for this kind of drama, but my husband and I were concerned enough to have something on record if there was trouble in the future. The calls and the visits stopped.

A meeting was scheduled again with the hospital chief social worker. I released the files I was holding of Miss D’s for the guardianship and legal process. The APS caseworker called me and told me she would be reporting the financial abuse on the son at the same police precinct we were the day before. The hospital lawyer called me and asked if I want to receive a copy of the Petition for Guardianship and I said yes.

I missed a call from the granddaughter, left a message she could call me anytime, I wasn’t going anywhere and would be visiting Miss D regularly. I never heard from her again.

I’m afraid to go into Miss D’s apartment alone now to water her plants.


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