Day 80 / Waiting

Miss D has been in the hospital for almost 2 months. A Notice of Proceeding to Appoint a Guardian was filed by the hospital lawyer and a court date set for Miss D in a month. Every visit Miss D would tell me she wants to go home and didn’t understand why she was there, she wasn’t sick. My biggest fear was Miss D catching an infection in the hospital. She was moved to a more secluded wing because her son and his wife were disruptive in the hospital. The police were called one night and they were banned from visiting Miss D again. Hospital aides said they never saw the granddaughter visit, although she had called.

Miss D was stuck in her room with an aide and wore only a hospital gown everyday. The social workers, doctors, nurses and aides were very nice to Miss D, bringing her treats and doing what they could to keep her occupied. We filled our time together playing her favorite music on my laptop, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington. I clipped her toenails and painted her nails, had reading glasses made for her so she could finally read during the day. She couldn’t remember what happened to her real glasses and I never found them. Miss D was still upset, but she was eating three meals a day and safe.

A week ago, Miss D came down with pneumonia. The hospital chief social worker called me today and told me Miss D will be leaving the hospital tomorrow until her court date next month. No one was to know where Miss D was going. The hospital was not telling her family. I could not see Miss D for 2 weeks. That was the policy. I was told only to be Miss D’s escort to the new place.

I went home and packed her bags.


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