APS Responding to Elder Abuse

Did APS make the right call?

The longer Miss D was in the hospital, the more I questioned the decision of the Adult Protective Service caseworker to “dump” her at the hospital. Understanding APS caseworkers are overloaded, the financial cost of using the hospital as a stopgap was astronomical. More importantly, Miss D did not need medical care, and parking an 83-year-old woman in the hospital for 59 days is putting her in harms way. In fact, she did develop pneumonia which was treated, but had she been frail this could have been life threatening. Clearly a secured location other than the hospital would have been the better short-term solution.

What happened to APS on this case?

Once Miss D was in the hospital, the APS application for services was denied. She was ineligible and did not meet the criteria due to, “You have someone available who is willing and able to assist you responsibly. You are currently at hospital and an application for Guardianship has been applied on your behalf by the hospital Social Worker. This is necessary because at this time, you require a higher level of care.” So, Miss D has been put in the hospital by APS and APS denies her services requested BECAUSE she’s in the hospital – by definition a catch-22.

Did the APS caseworker file a police report on the son for financial abuse?


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