Day 95 / Staying Here for Now

A social worker called me to come and help Miss D get settled a few days after she arrived. She would not unpack her bags. That’s Miss D, feisty!

I saw Miss D sitting in the dining room at a table by herself and clearly not happy. When I came to her, she started crying and hugged me. We followed the social worker to Miss D’s room with her bed by the window. I began to unpack her bags while we talked and put her clothes away. She quizzed me why I was doing that. “How long will I be staying?” she asked. The social worker told me to just tell Miss D, “You are staying here for now.”

Miss D’s new place away from home gives her more freedom and is a less stressful environment than the hospital. She has no memory she was in the hospital for 2 months. Many of our early visits ended with her crying and accusing me of putting her there. It was a difficult period being the only person she knew visiting her from the outside.

I take her down to the main floor for a change of scenery. She feels she is in a park outdoors and loves eating ice cream cones and candy bars from the café. She thinks she is going back to her apartment after we are in the park and we need to decide what to have for dinner. She “wants to get down to business”, she wants me to mind her and be her guardian. Miss D tells me, “I take care of my bills, but if you did it for me, it would only be 2 bills and I don’t need much help”.

Our friendship is turning into love.


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