Day 105 / Guardian Choices

There was a flutter of legal activity in the 2 weeks before Miss D’s court hearing. Miss D’s appointed lawyer asked me to be her personal care guardian. It was Miss D’s request. She did not want her granddaughter to be her guardian. I told the lawyer I had to discuss this with my husband.

The court evaluator came to our apartment for an interview and to see Miss D’s apartment. She did not feel comfortable recommending me as guardian for Miss D. She told me about a special guardian project, their goal is to keep people in their homes with the help of Medicaid.

I struggled with the idea of who would be Miss D’s guardian. I worried she would never get back home unless I did it, but realized my husband and I could not take on such a task. We knew the involvement necessary after stepping into caretaking roles for our own parents.

This evening I reached out to the guardian group the court evaluator had suggested through an email and received very good advice from the director. She told me there are guardian communities that take on cases like this. Their guardian group may be interested in my neighbor if they have a spot and they see the petition and court evaluator’s report. I sent the information to Miss D’s lawyer.

I had a good feeling about this guardian group for Miss D.


2 thoughts on “Day 105 / Guardian Choices

    • Hi Amy, Miss D was very lucky to have this guardian group take her on. They can only take on a small number in this big city, but it goes to show services are there for the elderly in need. Your comment means a great deal to me coming from a professional writer like yourself.

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