Day 235 / Still Waiting

It’s now been 4 months since the court hearing. Miss D awaits approval of her guardian group from the judge and continues to live at the secured location. She has made a few friends and is being visited by the nephew she raised. The granddaughter made a visit with her children and I hope the relationship between Miss D and granddaughter will be repaired if she chooses to come back into Miss D’s life.

I continue to spend time with Miss D as her friend. Each visit she asks me, “When am I going home?” With her short-term memory loss it is a repeated question that fills our time together. I do not have the answer to that question. Whether she gets home or not, it is a persistent request of hers to go home and I hope the guardian group will make that possible for her.

It is her Right.


2 thoughts on “Day 235 / Still Waiting

  1. Hello – My name is Cara Kenien and I am the Social Media Manager for the NYC Elder Abuse Center (NYCEAC). Thank you for your blog, for raising awareness about elder abuse and for caring so deeply about your neighbor. We greatly appreciate that you’ve shared a link to one of our blogs and linked to our webpage as a resource. We look forward to continuing this conversation. Would you be willing to connect with us to further discuss your work? If yes, perhaps you could email me at or provide me with your contact information? I tried contacting you directly but wasn’t able to find your email address on the webpage. Thank you again! Wishing you a lovely holiday season – Cara

    • Hello, Cara – I am pleased you have visited my blog. I am so encouraged by the NYC Elder Abuse Center and other centers around the country in recognizing Elder Abuse is a serious situation we ALL need to address. My experience with Miss D has turned me into a committed advocate. I have added my contact email address to my profile, but will contact you at the email address you have given to further discuss our cause. Wishing you a happy holiday season, too – Neighbor Nancy

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