Day 272 / Then and Now

Miss D is in limbo as the guardian group awaits a signed Order & Judgment from the judge. Until this happens, they have no authority to act on Miss D’s behalf. I am in limbo, too, no longer just her neighbor, but her protector. I can’t step back until I know her needs and wants are heard and met.

Miss D Then and Now

Photo Illustration by Nancy Oatts

A photo book full of family memories is with Miss D though her family is not. I was hoping the nephew she raised was stepping up, but he faded out this month as well. The granddaughter visited Miss D one day of the 191 days at her secured location. Miss D’s son was issued a restraining order, can not visit her and does not know where she is.  I’m sure he is hiding under a rock hoping he’ll get away with the financial exploitation and neglect of his mother.

The social worker created a memory corner in Miss D’s room with images from her neighborhood and community connecting her to the past. All of these good intentions are stripped away by Miss D’s dementia. Is the past so painful she hides the photo book and pulls down her memory corner or is her life becoming a blur the longer she is away from home?

Miss D and I talk a lot about her advocacy days. She lets me know what she wants to discuss and it usually winds up there. We are blending our lives together as I become an advocate for Elder Abuse. I want something good to come out of this experience for Miss D and for me. We’ve been talking about joining forces as a team for elder issues.

How delicious that would be!


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