Day 305 / . . . and Counting

In the timeline above you will see the days and now years Miss D’s life has not been her own.

Day 305 and counting

Section of Miss D’s Timeline

The timeline will add another long line of endless days for Miss D unless the judge signs the Order and Judgment to approve the guardian group. Only when that timeline changes color will Miss D have a chance to get back home.

Family has returned to visit Miss D in her secured location. The elephant in the room is called Dementia. Miss D’s nephew does not know this person he calls Ma and is experiencing the devastation of dementia to a loved one for the first time. I will admit my anger toward this family for not being there for Miss D after her dementia took hold has been fierce.

I do understand what dementia is having it in my family for the past eight years – embracing it and finding a new way of sharing a relationship with a loved one – the importance of being there and living in the moment with them, otherwise they will disappear into themselves and never come out.

My weekly visits with Miss D continue. She always asks about “our” husband if he’s not with me. I love it when Miss D laughs – it’s strong and bold like I know she can be and then our visit ends with . . .

When are you taking me home?


4 thoughts on “Day 305 / . . . and Counting

  1. I remember thinking the same about my aunt, that I just needed to love her and be in the moment with her, regardless of whether she repeated the same story three times. Her husband and daughter would get so frustrated with her, but I know that was just because they were brokenhearted over seeing her once-sharp mind begin to unravel.

    • I agree, most of us come around to that idea of just giving love and being in the moment. Especially after we’ve gone through our own process of letting go of the person they once were.

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