About Elder Abuse

Isolation vs Socialization

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4 thoughts on “About Elder Abuse

  1. Love the design. I visited with my elderly uncle during the week before last. He had just been moved to assisted living. Unfortunately, as of a message I received last night from his daughter, we seem to be experiencing his being the abuser. It appears he attached one of the aides at the home. I’m hoping to get more info today. I may try to see him again next week when I’m in SoCal for business. These issues are not simple, are they?

    • Hi Lisa, if your uncle has dementia it may be a reason for his behavior. It may also be such a change in his new surrounding making him anxious and easy to upset. Please keep me posted and I’m glad you have the opportunity to visit him again next week. I bet you can calm him down and make him laugh.

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    • This is very exciting news about your move to ashishtmagar.com. You are one to watch as global issues increase with our growing elder population. Thank you for sharing my banner on your blog. Our dialogue continues . . . and congratulations!

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