Day 399 / Miss D’s Home Care Dilemma

Finding the right home care agency will not be an easy task. I attended a meeting with a possible agency last week at Miss D’s secured location and it did not go well. In fact, I was angry.

The home care nurse concluded after her assessment of Miss D, that she should not be allowed to return to the community. She told us a family member had abused Miss D, she may wander outside the apartment and she has behavior issues. She has no responsible family member to live with her and take care of her. Agency aides are not a substitute for caring family members, something may happen and she did not want her agency liable.

Three of us sitting across the table from the agency nurse were totally invested and caring “non-family” members who want to see Miss D have a chance to go home; the guardian case manager, the secured location social worker and me, her neighbor.

As the home care nurse was speaking, I was thinking “Who is this woman talking about? Miss D is afraid of getting lost and sticks close to home. The behavior problems are minor like forgetting she ate and saying she is still hungry. I’ve never seen Miss D violent toward anyone. You can make her belly laugh in a minute.”

The home care nurse talked as if she knew what was best for Miss D and as far as she was concerned she didn’t want to have a missing person on her head for 19 days like a previous client she had. Well, I agree with her. Her agency is not the home care group I would want for Miss D.

Miss D was not at this meeting by request of the home care nurse. We wanted her there, it’s her right, but I know it would have been difficult for Miss D to listen and not be upset. I’ve become quite close with and respect the social worker at Miss D’s secured location. I know she wants Miss D to have the opportunity to go home as much as I do. I’m getting acquainted with Miss D’s new guardian case manager and she will work hard to find the right home care agency for Miss D.

After the meeting, the three of us picked up Miss D and took her down to the café for an ice cream cone. Miss D charmed her guardian case manager in their first face-to-face meeting that day. I know Miss D approved of her guardian angel when she hugged her good-bye twice, laughed and told her she was going to punch her in the nose next time.

That’s Miss D’s code for I really like you.


5 thoughts on “Day 399 / Miss D’s Home Care Dilemma

  1. I would so love the chance to meet Miss D…but …
    ..I feel as though I already know her through you……Lori Jean

  2. Nancy, thank you for being there. I truly want her to come home, too, but getting the wrong home care agency sounds like being in a bad marriage. I’d rather be single. So, I’m praying that Miss D can stay safe and happy until the right agency is determined. Bless you!

    • Lisa, your comment is exactly how I feel, too. Miss D’s guardian feels the right home agency will be matched with Miss D. I met another agency last Friday and it may be the one. Miss D charmed the nurse with her good humor. I’ll keep you posted – we will have a neighbor party to celebrate Miss D back home!

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