World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Miss D has changed my life in so many ways. I remember volunteering for Free Arts NYC over ten years ago. I was creating art with at-risk children and thought I could make a difference in their lives, but a funny thing happens – they change your life. They give back much more to you. It’s a very satisfying experience. The same is true for Miss D. Not only does she give me truths to live by, she has opened up a calling for me to become an advocate for the elderly.

I have just completed a published graphic for the NYC Elder Abuse Center for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day recognized on June 15, 2014. With an idea of a butterfly isolated inside a jar, I found the perfect photo from Natalia Shaidenko. She so graciously donated her photo for the public awareness of elder abuse. The NYC Elder Abuse Center group embraced this visual with a powerful call to action message.

NYC Elder Abuse Center

NYC Elder Abuse Center commemorates WEAAD


6 thoughts on “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

  1. Nancy, this is just beautiful. Thank you so much! God bless you for being an exceptional neighbor. I am glad that there is a day to promote the awareness of elder abuse. I hope that your telling of Miss D’s story will encourage others to connect with isolated elders. And what you experienced with both Free Arts NYC and Miss D is that ageless truth that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

  2. Miss D is very lucky to have you. I wish all old ladies out there had someone to look after them! You are doing a wonderful thing.
    I’m glad you made my picture a messenger ! Thank you!

    • Natalia, You are so right about more people to be there for the “old ladies”. I heard a statistic that the average victim of elder abuse is an older woman living alone – nearly half of women 75 and over live alone.

      That’s why your butterfly picture is so perfect to be this messenger. Thank you!

  3. Finally I could read your posts. Better late than not 🙂
    Wonderful design Nancy. I was having my masters exams due to which I was inactive in computer work for few weeks.
    And by the way congratulations for the Good Neighbor Award you have received.

    • Hi Ashish,

      I’m very happy to hear from you! I’m glad you focused on your masters exams these past few weeks. Very important work for your future. Thank you so much for your words of congratulations.

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