Miss D is Close to Going Home

I arrived for a visit with Miss D earlier this month and found her sick in bed with pneumonia and an IV in her arm. She has been so healthy and strong at her secured location. This also happened to be the day a nurse from a new home care agency was coming to meet her and make an assessment. I was concerned it would not go well again.

Miss D has a natural way of connecting with people. She is charming, respectful and always leaves you with a laugh – that is if she’s not focused on going home. She was engaging and delightful with the home care nurse.

The social worker from the secured location joined us in Miss D’s room and the nurse explained it’s possible they could start July 1st! An in-home assessment with Miss D’s guardian and the home care agency was scheduled the following week. My husband and I joined them in Miss D’s apartment and we discussed what needed to be fixed and ready for Miss D to come home.

Miss D's Keys

Miss D’s Apartment Keys

She will have 24-hour home care because of her dementia. It’s not easy to get. We tried for my mother-in-law who has Alzheimer’s recently and she did not qualify for 24-hour home care. I believe, spiritual forces are at work for Miss D, keeping her safe and giving her the quality of care she deserves and needs.

Everything was on target to get Miss D back home on July 1st . . . until the landlord told Miss D’s guardian no repairs will be made until they are issued a check in full for back rent.

The guardian group of Miss D is still marshalling the assets with her bank. They do not yet have access to her money to pay the back rent in full, although they are very close. As I’ve discovered going through the guardianship process with Miss D, it takes enormous amounts of time. Miss D is extremely disappointed she now has to wait another month to come home, but she understands the reason . . .

. . . the landlord.