Miss D is Homeward Bound

It’s hard to believe, but Miss D will go home to her apartment in 2 weeks. The social worker, nurses and aides at her secured location can now tell her a date she will go home. It’s relieved a lot of anxiety for Miss D when she asks daily, “When are you sending me home?” Two weeks sounds like a long time for her. With her dementia, she does not remember she has been away from home for over 15 months or her son stole her money or she was neglected by her own family.

My husband and I and the guardian care manager are busy with details getting the apartment ready for Miss D’s return. We do expect the landlord to make repairs next week before the home care agency does it’s final inspection allowing Miss D to come home.

Miss D feeds a squirrel.

Miss D feeds a squirrel a cracker.

Miss D and I visited yesterday at her secured location. We’ve started having new conversations about her past – her touch with God at an early age and which of her sons has big feet. With each passing day I grow closer to Miss D and tell her we’re like family. She corrects me and says, “We are family.”

For most elderly people, they say there is no place like home. Miss D is extremely lucky to have this opportunity for 24-hour home care. I’m optimistic this will be a success story as Miss D falls into a routine moving forward with live-in home care aides.

It should be so for every elder abuse victim.


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