Miss D is Home . . . For Now

Leaving the secured location was very emotional for Miss D. She was gracious to the staff, the parting of Miss D and her friend, Miss T made all of us cry. As Miss D waited with her new home aide for the transfer van, the guardian and I left in a separate car with her belongings. Anticipation built as the van turned the corner on our street. Fireworks exploded when Miss D stepped out of the van at her apartment entrance – she kissed the building. Too nervous to use her keys, she asked me to open the doors. She checked her mailbox, we entered the elevator and exited on her floor. A girlish joy overwhelmed Miss D when she saw the Welcome Home balloon hanging on her door knob. She inspected every room of her apartment with over 50 years of memories, happy to be back home.

There was a lot of activity with deliveries of home care supplies, the nurse setting up the meds, the guardian signing papers and the nephew came for a few hours. By late afternoon, it was just Miss D, her new aide and me sitting in her living room. Miss D was back in her apartment with no memory she was removed after a 911 call by Adult Protective Services over 15 months ago. I left happy and ready for Miss D and her live-in aide to get to know each other.

I returned in the evening with a few breakfast items to find Miss D had unplugged all TV electronics, the cable wasn’t working. She was rearranging everything – which was her pattern when she was home. I sat with Miss D so the aide could take her shower and returned home around 9PM.

Preparing for Miss D’s return home had taken over a month with my husband and me clearing a “junk room” for the aides room , deep cleaning and monitoring landlord repairs. I was exhausted and ready to have Miss D’s life move forward and mine become mine again.

The distress call came around 11PM – the honeymoon was over.


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