Transitioning Back Home

Miss D is calming down. She was more engaged with her aide this morning – she showered and dressed for a stroll in the park and a King Cone. The aide is finding positive ways to ease the difficult questions Miss D is asking. Yesterday Miss D’s nephew and granddaughter came for a visit. I will continue to hope the two will return into Miss D’s life and embrace this new ma and abuela. Miss D raised both, they are her family.

This afternoon Miss D was sitting on her little stool by the window looking down on the street. The aide told me last night she woke up and searched the apartment for Miss D. Alarmed, the aide called out for her. She heard Miss D’s voice, but couldn’t find her.

I’m talking to my plants and looking outside at the people.

There she was hidden behind her jungle of plants and sitting on that favorite stool. It’s funny, that was the last thing my husband fixed for Miss D’s return. He lovingly scraped, cleaned and painted that window sill knowing she would sit there everyday and look out.

Somehow I know Miss D’s going to be okay at home now.

Miss D's Aides Room

Miss D’s Aides Room

I’d like to thank a fellow blogger, Joy Johnston from The Memories Project for welcoming Miss D home with a gift of the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living with Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias. Joy has a written piece in this collection called “French Toast” about her father. Miss D loves humor and Joy’s story has a nice touch of humor in it.



8 thoughts on “Transitioning Back Home

  1. Where have I been? I was five postings behind. I am so sorry. While I was aware of the countdown to Miss D’s homecoming, I have been out of the loop of specifics. I’m particularly moved by the day one distress calls and your solid response to them. Thank you, N. I hope and pray that the biggest transition hurdles are now over. It would be great to now enter a time of peaceful celebration of this return to home.

    • Thank you, Lisa. Wouldn’t that be splendid! Each day is getting easier. There will be two permanent aides. The other starts in a couple of days and lets hope we don’t have to begin from zero again or the fear of calling 911.

    • DG, I also was happy to see you were nominated by Frangipani and others for your fine demented poetry! Thank you. I will link to both of your blogs in my response after the weekend. I’m off to take care of my 90 year-old mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s this weekend. We are all in it together.

      Neighbor Nancy

  2. Just had the chance to catch up on all of the recent events surrounding Miss D. So glad she has made it home! Hopefully there won’t be too many more bumps in the road as she continues to adjust being back in her home.

    • Good to hear from you, Joy. This is my first weekend away from Miss D since her return and no distress calls. I really think she is going to make it being back home. To visit her in her home and the big hugs and kisses I get have been well worth this journey we took the past year and a half.

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