A Mark for Miss D

A year ago today was Miss D’s court hearing to decide if she was an incapacitated person and required a legal guardian. The judge ruled she was incapacitated and set in motion the process for her safe return home. Today also marks 2 weeks since Miss D returned home.

Why was I in the hospital and how long was I away? Who put me there?

Her short-term memory effected by dementia has wiped it out. Some people may think it’s good she has no memory of what happened to her, why tell her. Miss D is a very perceptive person and sharp. She knows her life is changing and wants to make sense of it. When she asks me, I tell her. Some of it she figures out on her own.

I think my son had something to do with it.

Creating Miss D's photo book

Creating Miss D’s memory book

I’m putting together a photo book with captions for Miss D. She responds better when we discuss it through pictures. She sees herself in good spirits with people around her she cared about and who cared about her. Now she will place a face to the people we talk about from her best friend, Miss T, the secured location social worker, nurses, aides, to her guardian case manager and her new aide going home. Along with photos of my visits, I plan on including photos from the nephew of Miss D’s birthday party with him, the granddaughter and her children.

Photos were taken by a wonderful photographer at the secured location of Miss D and me. I am so grateful to have them – I can see the love Miss D and I have for each other in those photos. I don’t share these photos on my blog for Miss D’s privacy – this is still an ongoing elder abuse case. I hope the case will be prosecuted one day for the son’s financial exploitation and neglect of his mother. For now, the case sits in the DA’s office waiting for evidence the legal guardian will soon have of the exploitation.

Is a picture worth a thousand words to a loved one with dementia?


3 thoughts on “A Mark for Miss D

      • Lovely idea! I’m just back this week in town from a big trip, after which I started a new job. I’ll try to get everything back together here over the next couple of weeks, and then let’s do it some Saturday.

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