Sleepless after Sundown

I’m beginning to question if Miss D will make it at home. She was diagnosed with Senile Dementia last year after Adult Protective Services found her unsafe to live alone and removed her from her home. I looked up this diagnose and found one description fit Miss D to a T.

senile dementia progressive mental deterioration associated with aging/old age; characterized by marked short-term memory loss, stubbornness, difficulty with novel experiences, self-centeredness and childish behavior

These symptoms have magnified with her return home. She is not adjusting well with the help in her home. In the middle of the night she roams her apartment unable to sleep, moves furniture and performs endless cycles of cleaning until she flicks on the light switch in the aide’s room and all #@!! breaks loose.

Who are you? What are you doing in my house. I want you out of my house now!

The aides have reported episodes of hitting by Miss D. She has already lost two caregivers not willing to come back. Only one aide will return and deal with Miss D’s dementia. I originally thought this aide was too feisty for Miss D, but perhaps she is the type of caretaker Miss D needs now. I’ve been called to come down late at night and calm Miss D. Clearly this pattern can not continue, everyone needs to sleep.

solutions adjust her medication and see if the aides can go on 12 hour shifts instead of three to four 24-hour days

If this doesn’t work . . . then what?