Last Dance for Miss D and Neighbor Nancy

The romantic music of Miss D's past.

The romantic music of Miss D’s past.

Miss D and I danced together in her living room the other weekend to Carlos Pizarro. Miss D was happy in that moment. She showed me how she placed her hand behind a man’s neck when she danced with him and said . . .

I only did this if I liked the man!

The music touched her, reminding her of her mother and of days gone by. After seventeen months of regular visits with Miss D, I knew her well enough to encourage those memories.

Last week, Miss D’s nephew moved into her apartment. He wants to help his Ma – she raised him from age two after his parents dropped him and his baby brother at Miss D’s apartment and never returned. The guardian group and the home care agency approved, knowing it will be best for Miss D if family is involved – especially during the sundowning episodes at night when Miss D has difficulty accepting the home care aide in her apartment. I agree, too. It is time for a responsible family member to step in and be there for Miss D. I am hopeful that the nephew will be that person.

My blogging days are coming to a close on Miss D as my timeline above nears completion. We have come full circle and she is back home with care and a guardian group who will handle her financial and personal needs along with overseeing that family will do the right thing by Miss D. I will periodically post updates to let my fellow bloggers know how Miss D is doing and report big changes when they happen as her dementia progresses.

I am now ready to step back into the role of friendly neighbor to Miss D with walks in the park, Friday night facials with our neighbors and . . .

. . . more dances to Carlos Pizarro.