Facial Night with Miss D

Miss D has settled into a routine after her return home three months ago. I wish I could say she is really happy, but living with dementia doesn’t get better now that she’s home – in some ways, she’s more lonely. She’s confused with the different home care aides that come and go. Fortunately she does have 2 consistent aides who care for her these days. I really like one and the other one I don’t. As her neighbor who’s been so involved with her the past few years, it’s all about showing up and just being there for Miss D in ways she needs someone to be.

Neighbors get facial tips from Miss D.

Neighbors get facial tips from Miss D.


A few other neighbors and I planned such a night for Miss D last week. We’re calling it our Friday Night Facials. All of us live in the same apartment building and have known Miss D for over 30 years – before and after her dementia took hold. We have some history, especially with the landlord.

Oh, yes, avocado and olive oil are great for your skin. But, if your skin is oily, don’t do it. Don’t put any around or under your eyes . . and don’t talk when the facial is on, it will stretch your face and create wrinkles.

We were in the presence of a master of the natural facial. All of us “girls” noticed how beautiful Miss D’s skin was as she aged. We wanted to know her secrets before she forgot them. It’s funny, you think a night like this is so special for Miss D, but it was for all neighbors and Miss D’s aide. . . the one I really like!

. . . we all needed a dose of beauty from Miss D, inside and out!